Nat 1: The Tal'Dorei Day Subreddit

Bidet, Critters! Today, we are announcing the closure of the Tal’Dorei Day subreddit. When we first started Tal’Dorei Day, we wanted to create a place that could serve as a center of information distribution and audience interaction, so we jumped on the opportunity to create a subreddit. Unfortunately though, none of us knew what we were doing with it. Even the moderators of the Critical Role subreddit reached out to us and despite their warnings that the community did not want to be split, we still went forward with it.

For a little bit, we began looking into making the subreddit work for us, but as we all lead busy lives outside of Tal’Dorei Day, it quickly fell behind and became forgotten. With the release of, we have moved closer to creating what we had originally envisioned with the subreddit and wish to focus our efforts more on it to provide you amazing Critters with the best we can provide.

So in efforts to make up for our Natural 1, we will be closing the subreddit on Dec. 19th, 2017. Thank you all for your understanding as we work out the bugs!

Be pleased!

FeaturedAlm Lewis