Welcome to TalDoreiDay.com!

The NEW Tal'Dorei Day Logo!

The NEW Tal'Dorei Day Logo!

Welcome to TalDoreiDay.com: the new home of Tal'Dorei Day! When we first set out to create this community "holiday," I never expected the incredible response and immediate acceptance that this wonderful community had shown. I barely managed to keep up with all the tweets that flooded my inbox, even with the help of all the NPCs. Implementing a Discord server helped cull the chaos (however slightly XD), but it always felt like something was missing: a place for Tal'Dorei Day to call home.

That's why we're bringing you TalDoreiDay.com! On this site, you'll find information, resources, articles, and links to just about everything you'll need to get your Tal'Dorei Day celebrations off the ground without a hitch!

We're so excited for our next Tal'Dorei Day, and we hope you are too! Stay tuned for all the wonderful, new announcements we have in store for you!

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