Tal'Dorei Day 2017 announcement poster.

Tal'Dorei Day 2017 announcement poster.

What is Tal'Dorei DAy?

It all started out as an excuse to play more D&D in the wonderful world that Matthew Mercer shared with us...

Tal'Dorei Day is a community holiday for Critters to meet each other and celebrate being fans of Critical Role. It began as a way to celebrate the release of the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting by Matthew Mercer and James Haeck, but thanks to the community response, the day quickly expanded to mean so much more: bringing the love and compassion of the Critter community together and spread happiness through a silly, nerdy game!

Who am I?

My name is Alm, but you probably know me better as Raishan... or at least the fan run Twitter account by that name. I started watching Critical Role in June 2016, when I found myself in a constant downward spiral. Watching Matthew Mercer weave a story that left not only his players, but also so many viewers, so immersed in a game of make-believe inspired me to pick up the game for myself and learn to DM, which saved me from my own depression. I caught up to the live shows during the Chroma Conclave arc, where I began using Twitter (for the first time) to talk with other Critters during the episodes. However, a few episodes before the epic confrontation with Thordak, I made the Raishan account as a way to interact with Critters on a different level... and the response was both amazing and incredibly fun. These fans of a the same show I loved accepted me and showed nothing but genuine care and love... It was just as inspiring (if not moreso) than the show itself was. I always wanted a way to give back to the community, but never knew how.

So where did Tal'Dorei Day come from?

Ever since I had created the Raishan account, I had wanted to talk with and meet more people. The community had been so kind, but being an awkward nerd, I never knew how or what to do. Fast forward six or seven months, and then the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting was launched for preorders. I ordered it the minute it went live and also downloaded the PDF so I could begin picking apart Mercer's brain immediately. While scrolling through the pages, I could only think, "I wish I could play in this world, but no one I know watches the show." That's when I briefly thought of the idea to reach out to the Critters and play games with them, but a nerd like me could never pull that off right?

That's when someone told me I was wrong.

On a whim, I mused my idea to Whitney, knowing that nothing would ever come of it. But that's not what happened... instead she told me I could do it. She pushed me to do whatever I wanted to do because she believed in me, something I still haven't quite learned despite her constant teaching. And it's only because of her encouragement that I began to plan.

Still, faithless in myself to be enough, I reached out to the others like me who had created fan accounts based off the characters from Exandria: Earthbreaker Groon, Shaun GilmoreStonejaw Strongjaw, Taryon Darington, Jarett Howarth, Doty, Allura Vysoren, Kima of VordCassandra de Rollo, and of course the legendary Thordak, and together we announced one of the craziest things I've ever thought of: a community holiday. After giving her initial support to me over text, Whitney later joined us in the form of Trinket, making Tal'Dorei Day better than anything I could have imagined. 

I couldn't have done this without this amazing community. I couldn't have done this without all the NPC's passion. And none of this never would have happened without Whitney. She believed in me when I couldn't, and pushed me to take the first steps on this wild journey.

What started as an attempt to play more D&D quickly became a celebration of the wonderful community that has formed around our favorite nerdy ass voice actors. 

And I have this wonderful community to thank for it.

Still want more information?

Check out this incredible article by Kelly Knox or hop on over to the Tal'Dorei Day twitter!